Soheil Seyfaie for Google Applied ML Summit Speaker Videos

May 26, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Soheil Seyfaie, EVP of Software Engineering, ModiFace

Please introduce yourself, your organization and the session you are speaking at.

Soheil Seyfaie: Hi everyone. This is Soheil Seyfaie I am the VP of Software Engineering at ModiFace, which is part of the L'oreal Group. At ModiFace, we are focused on applying augmented reality and machine learning to the beauty industry. For example, we make it easy to try make up directly on the web or mobile apps. I will be speaking at the Stay Relevant, Get Promoted panel.

What are you most excited about participating in the Applied ML Summit?

Soheil Seyfaie: Machine learning and MLOps are changing very rapidly, and the summit is actually, it's a good place to meet. Other speakers, learn about latest trends, as well as sharing our own experiences. It's about inspiration and real world scenarios. When it comes to ML and MLOps This is the place.

What is your key message for data scientists and ML engineers attending the event?

Soheil Seyfaie: The industry is changing rapidly so to be successful, ML Engineers and AI Scientists need to continuously upgrade their skills. During the session, I will share our experiences attracting new talent, evaluating new candidates, how we promote the continuous learning culture between the company, as well as how we develop talents internally. I hope this helps new, as well as experienced practitioners.

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