Join Us at the Gartner Supply Chain Symposium

May 05, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Yemi Falokun

What is your name and title?

Yemi Falokun: Hello, my name is Yemi Falokun I'm a Solution Architect within the Google Cloud Cloud Partner Engineering team

Why are you excited to attend the Gartner Supply Chain Symposium?

Yemi Falokun: Wow, why am I excited to attend the symposium? Ok. I'm excited to listen to what customers have to say about their supply chain challenges. I'm excited to showcase what Google Cloud has to offer in that space. Where we're going to talk about logistics. We talk about our demand forecasting and our Supply Chain analytics solutions. And we also talk about Generative AI this brand new Generative AI and some of the exciting announcements that we made recently in that space and what we're doing to help customers solve some of those Generative AI challenges. Use cases from an enterprise point of view.

Where can people learn more about Google's presence at the show May 8 - 10 in Orlando, FL?

Yemi Falokun: Oh, well, what can people learn about our presence at the symposium this year? Well, we have a booth and we're gonna have about four different sections of the booth. We are going to be showcasing a solution platform services as it relates to supply chain. We'll be doing things like logistics. We'll be doing things like AI, whether it's demand forecasting, whether it's supply chain analytics, and then we are also going to be showcasing Generative A IQ abilities and what we do in that space from an enterprise point of view. And also we're going to have a booth where we going to have some of the partners that we've been actively working with to build our supply chain partner of ecosystem talk about what they do in Google as well. So those are kind of things that we have in store for you. So hopefully you folks come around and to listen to what we have to see, to say and we hopefully see a bunch of you next week!

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