Paula Natoli for Join Us at the Gartner Supply Chain Symposium

May 07, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Paula Natoli, Director, Strategic Industries, Supply Chain & Logistics

Paula Natoli: Good afternoon. Everyone from sunny Orlando Florida home of the 2023 Gartner supply chain symposium. I'm Paula Natoli with Google Cloud. And I am so excited to be here with a group of my colleagues to talk everything supply chain over the next three jam packed days. Be sure to check out my session Monday at two PM where I'll be co presenting with Dave Newton from Albertsons and my colleague, Steve Townsend will be presenting on the show floor Theater Tuesday at 10 AM. You can also catch a group of us Googlers at our booth booth number 325. So stop by at any point during the conference to chat about all things supply chain: data, analytics, AI and ML. I look forward to seeing you all in Florida, safe travels and get ready to enjoy this lovely three day supply chain family reunion. See you there.

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