Industry Marketing Video Testimonials

January 24, 2022

Video Transcript

Hello! Let's get to know you.

Hi, my name is SP and I'm a VP Industry Solutions at o9, a leading enterprise AI software platform provider that is transforming planning and decision making for companies such as Walmart, ABInBev, Nestle and many more. I'm pleased to announce that we will be hosting a joint webinar with Google Cloud on the next generation forecasting capabilities for consumer-facing companies. During the session, we will be covering how the changing retail and CPG landscape is challenging traditional forecasting methods. What makes Vertex AI Forecast different from traditional forecasting solutions and techniques, what are some of the actual proof points on improved forecast accuracy and scalability of Vertex AI Forecast. and how can retailers and CPG companies benefit from the integration of Vertex AI with the o9 Digital Brain. Together with Google Cloud and o9, we aim to support your company's supply chain planning workflows, the rapid scenario analysis and better decision making, to ultimately achieve higher service levels and revenue. I have a new hope to see you there!

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