Join Us at the Gartner Supply Chain Symposium

May 05, 2023

Video Transcript

Tell us about the Gartner Supply Chain Symposium

Hi everybody. My name is Samrah Khan. I'm the head of supply chain industry partners for Google Cloud. We are two days away from Gartner supply chain conference and I am super excited to be meeting a lot of our customers as well as our partners and having some very interesting conversations with industry leaders. Google Cloud is going to have a presence at the booth as well as speaking sessions and we are super delighted because we will be joined by many partners in the industry that will be talking about how they are co innovating as well as doing go to market with Google Cloud. So if you want to talk about how AI is driving supply chain today and what is the role data is playing in supply chain and how Google Cloud can partner with you in those initiatives - Please do come join us at our booth or find one of us at the conference again. See you all in two days and super excited for the conference. Thank you. Bye.

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