Hannes Hapke for Google Applied ML Summit Speaker Videos

June 02, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Hannes Hapke, Machine Learning Engineer, Digits, Inc.

Please introduce yourself, your organization and the session you are speaking at.

Hannes Hapke: Hi, my name is Hannes Hapke and I'm a machine learning engineer. here at Digits. We're building the world's first real time financial engine. This engine is able to ingest and convert a company's financial information into a living model of their business, giving owners and operators insights to take action in real time, join my session on Rapid iterations with limited DevOps resources in the Exploring Cutting Edge Innovation track in Google Cloud's Applied ML Summit on June 10th.

What are you most excited about participating in the Applied ML Summit?

Hannes Hapke: yeah. I'm excited to share our experiences around MLOps, Tensorflow Extended and Google Cloud's latest release around Vertex AI pipelines. I'll focus on how start ups can benefit from those technologies to accelerate their machine learning projects.

What is your key message for data scientists and ML engineers attending the event?

Hannes Hapke: Machine Learning pipelines assist Machine Learning engineers in running their projects in a repeatable, reproducible and scalable way. Pipelines are a key to bring a machine learning model from an idea to production successfully and to keep the models updated once they hit the real world. If you're interested in how we run machine learning pipelines at Digits, join recession during the Applied ML summit.

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