NEW_Andrew W Moore for Retail & CPG Summit

July 20, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Andrew W Moore, GM, Cloud AI & Industry Solutions, Google

Please introduce yourself and what you do for Google.

Andrew W Moore: My name is Andrew More and I am the General manager for Cloud AI and Industry Solutions.

How has allyship impacted your career? What advice would you give to other leaders about how to show up as an ally?

Andrew W Moore: Okay, this is all about our favorite subject, toilets. Uh as a pretty privileged person, I was Dean at Carnegie Mellon University. I had a Dean Suite back in university land. You don't get everyone having just their own cubicle, you get a whole bunch of space. And in my suite, I had the Dean's toilet, believe it or not. Anyway, there was sometime I think around 2016 or 15, uh there was a problem where we just heard from one student about how difficult it was to find all-gender restrooms uh for for a member of the transgender community. Uh and we tried to do a bit of bureaucracy busting to make it happen. But then, uh we were able to get a friendly uh maintenance person to just come through and declare this particular toilet to be Computer Science, All-Gender toilet. So there you have it. And one of the things which happened after that was more people gathered around the Dean Suite. And instead of being this uh slightly pompous place, it was just a place where students were hanging out to do homework and stuff and it was so much nicer to have like people to talk to that. Of course, even if I came in at 11 o'clock in the evening on a Friday or something, there are still folks hanging around doing crazy stuff to chat, chat with. So, so very, very tiny and so much involved with waterworks. Uh, but a small story anyway.

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