Amanda Furtado Brinhosa for Google Applied ML Summit Speaker Videos

June 01, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: Amanda Furtado Brinhosa, Machine Learning Engineer, Portal Telemedicina

Please introduce yourself, your organization and the session you are speaking at.

Amanda Furtado Brinhosa: Hi everyone. I'm Amanda. I work as a machine learning engineer. at Portal Telemedicina I'll be talking at the Applied ML summit about how we are disrupting traditional industries using AI for the better.

What are you most excited about participating in the Applied ML Summit?

Amanda Furtado Brinhosa: industries using AI for the better. I'm really excited to tell you more about how we are impacting millions of patients lives every day in the Brazilian public and private health systems using GCP tools and well defined processes.

What else are you looking forward to sharing with data scientists and ML engineers attending the event?

Amanda Furtado Brinhosa: processes. We also share with you about some responsible AI topics that are really important to care about in the health care and how we achieved the best use of AI through a reliable five step validation processes. This event will be a great opportunity for you to discover new ways to apply AI So you don't want to miss it. Right? So, register now and I'll see you there.

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