Implant Testimonial | Penny

November 10, 2022

"I followed what he would have told his mother."

Video Transcript

Speakers: Penny

What foods were you avoiding or had difficulty eating when you were missing your tooth/teeth?

Penny: I've gone to Veranda Dentistry for work for at least 15 years. I have had several procedures done. I've had times where I've been missing a tooth. There are foods that I avoided - sticky foods, crunchy foods, or just eating on one side, things like that.

What was holding you back from getting your treatment done?

Penny: So, what was holding me back from getting my treatment done? Actually, just the calendar and commitments that I might have already had. It wasn't the fact that I couldn't schedule it or that I didn't have insurance to cover it. Now that I'm retired, insurance is a little different, but there is something available and there are options that we can try.

How did Veranda Dentistry help you?

Penny: Veranda Dentistry helped me with several teeth. I've had a couple of implants. I've had crowns. They have done extensive work. I always felt like a human, and it's such a great staff that Dr. Chad has at Veranda. They listen to you. They care about you. One of my very first visits, I asked Dr. Chad, "What would you tell your mother?" And he gave me what I felt was his honest answer and I respected that, and I followed what he would have told his mother. I felt validated in my concerns, and with my teeth, he has gone above and beyond to try to find different solutions for some of the things that we have dealt with. And I would highly recommend Veranda Dentistry.

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