Kristin W.'s Ignite Your Life Success Story

December 04, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kristin Willman

How did you feel before starting your work with Sophie?

Kristin Willman: Before I started working with Sophie, I felt confused, lost, hopeless, singled out.

Kristin Willman: I'm 63. So I've spent 50 years of dieting. 50 years of that weight. That number on the scale just consuming me. I'd wake up in the morning - That'd be like the first thing I'd think about. What would that number say today?

Kristin Willman: I dealt with low self-esteem all my life because of my weight.

Kristin Willman: The self talk I did to myself was awful, was awful. Even though I had people around me who loved me and would say wonderful things to me. My self talk was awful.

Kristin Willman: I felt hopeless because I would see people being successful on this plan and that plan. And, I kept thinking, "Why doesn't anything work for me? What's the deal? What am I doing wrong?"

Were you nervous before starting this journey?

Kristin Willman: I was nervous about starting this journey because of failure. I've failed in the past so many times.

Kristin Willman: Here's just another thing. I kind of looked at it as like my last resort and, I was

Kristin Willman: resort and, um, I was nervous that I was gonna fail. That's kind of like ... that it wasn't gonna work for me. And that was the one thing I thought about the most.

How long did it take for you to feel results from the program?

Kristin Willman: After just 2 to 3 weeks, I had started feeling so much better. I didn't have that afternoon slump. I had energy.

Kristin Willman: I had started noticing changes internally and how I felt and just starting to feel better, even just after 2, 3 weeks.

How do you feel now that you've completed the program?

Kristin Willman: I'm so happy I invested in myself, in my health, in my wellness. I invested in my mental health. I had a very long history of dieting finding the right program. But I also along with that came low self esteem, negative self talk. You ask my husband of many, many years, I'd walk around the house saying "I'm fat, I'm this, I'm that" and if this had become automatic to myself, I didn't really realize after many years that I was even doing that. I didn't see the good side of myself. And I'm just so happy that I invested in this program because it helped me with so much more than good nutrition. It was good mental health. It was just really digging, digging deep inside and figuring out what was going on with me mentally. And it just is, I, I just can't say enough of how it has turned my thought processes around. My thought processes as far as nutrition. My thought processes as far as how I think about myself. My thought process as far as what does that number on the scale mean. So it was just so much more than I ever thought I would get out of a program.

How has your life changed since working with Sophie?

Kristin Willman: This transformational journey has changed my life by freeing me. Freeing me from calorie counting. Freeing me from eating animals. Freeing me from weighing food. Freeing me from getting obsessed about the number on the scale.

Kristin Willman: And it has also given me a freedom of knowing that I'm doing something good for my body. I'm eating healthy for once in my life.

Kristin Willman: This has just been such an internal and external transformation. What I thought I was gonna focus on a lot was what I was eating, but it ended up that I had to focus a lot on what I was thinking about myself. What I was feeling about myself. I worked a lot on internal things that really helped me move forward in, in this part of my life.

Kristin Willman: Sophie and the coaches really help you encompass every aspect of your wellness.

Kristin Willman: I can't really express how much it has changed me in such a positive way. It's like the answer I'd been looking for, for so long.

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