Erin H. Prioritized Her Wellness, And That Made All The Difference

December 04, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Erin H.

Erin H.: Before I started working with Sophie, I was feeling really sluggish and un energetic. I knew my eating needed to be cleaned up and I wasn't exercising the way that I wanted to be. And that just led me to be disappointed and continue spiraling.

Erin H.: I was nervous about starting this journey because I have a really busy life and I'm pulled in a lot of directions and I was worried about finding the time that I needed to really commit and get the results that I wanted.

Erin H.: Just a couple weeks, I started seeing a huge difference in my energy. It's such a supportive energizing group that we all feed on each other and bring each other up. I also started to feel proud of myself for the work that I was doing and that I was managing to incorporate things into my busy life.

Erin H.: I'm so happy that I decided to invest in myself because I feel better physically from the nutrition and movement and mentally from the mindset. Work in a really busy life. Having the tools to stay calm and help prioritize me has been immensely beneficial and I love seeing the results in my body.

Erin H.: This transformational journey has changed my life by helping me to find the tools to prioritize myself so that I can show up for all those around me feeling my best.

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