How to upload Vocal Video to Facebook

October 04, 2022

Video Transcript

There are two ways to share your video on Facebook. One is by sharing via Vocal Video. First access your published video. Next click the share button, then click Share to Facebook. You can embellish the post if you want. Then select share to Facebook. The video will look like this. People can watch it by clicking on the link. It will bring them to the video landing page. This is the fastest method to share Vocal Videos onto Facebook. Now I will show you the second method. First access your published video, then download the video to your computer, then access your Facebook page. Instead of pasting a link, you're uploading a video. Upload that video file. When people see the video in your feed, they won't need to click on it. Facebook autoplays all its videos in the feed. It will look something like this. That's how you share your Vocal Video on Facebook.

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