Andreea Soineanu, PTC

August 25, 2022

Video Transcript

Andreea Soineanu: My name is Andrea Soineanu. I'm a Global Learning Partner within PTC. I've been here for 11 years, and in my role I design, develop and deliver learning strategies for various populations within the company.

How many employees do you support at PTC?

Our headcount is around 6,800 individuals worldwide in approximately 90 locations.

As L&D for an Enterprise company, what were you looking for in a training solution?

We wanted a partner that can go in line with us and with our strategy and support our facilitation aspects, so they would actually supplement what my team could not deliver - getting those critical skills for various layers of our organization and deliver for us.

What programs do you currently run with Hone?

Currently, they support three major programs at PTC: A program dedicated for early-in-career; one dedicated to managers; and one dedicated to leaders. So they actually are our partners in creating talent at PTC and in up-skilling or growing the next pipeline of leaders at PTC.

As program admin, how was implementation process for you?

I really cherish every moment with them because they weren't just a provider coming in and rounding up some workshops for PTC; they actually became our partners in crime.

I had also the hat of being the "mind behind the program", but also the training coordinator...and it's a lot. Everybody in L&D could say, having both roles, it can take a toll on you. With Hone, besides establishing at the beginning what needs to be done, when it needs to be sent, and how that communication looks like, that was pretty much what I or my team needed to do.

What was your impression of the Hone sessions you attended?

I really I love how the facilitator navigated the conversation. For me, it was a perfect combination of theory presented, but then the applicable side and the conversation was actually what brought justice to the theme. People were engaged, they asked questions, the facilitators constantly took the time to navigate answers and put everything in perspective, which is always appreciated. For me, it seemed more like a longer coaching conversation than a workshop.

Why were live, virtual, cohort-based classes the right fit for your team?

We definitely wanted some face-to-face appearance, but Covid erased everything that we had in mind. But focusing on smaller groups allows our future leaders and allows our participants to actually have that time to voice out their challenges, their questions and get the answers.

Would you recommend Hone to a fellow L&D leader looking for a training solution?

I would definitely recommend Hone and, as I mentioned, Hone for me isn't just a training provider, is a partner to whom I'm asking the questions, I'm asking for feedback, I'm asking for guidance. And, always, if it's not one person, there are five people who answer to my call and they are willing to help me, willing to share their practices - so far, tips and tricks, and they actually guided me through this. So anybody who would go with Hone definitely would have a successful learning opportunity.

Ready to try Hone? honehq.com/demo

So even now we're within delivery of three major programs and I can say, if possibly the next round of programs we do have 700 people targeted or 1,000 people targeted, it's gonna be easy to navigate.

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