Himanshu's Experience with The Blissful Body Bootcamp

February 29, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Himanshu Parikh

Please describe how you feel now that you've finished the Bootcamp. (Now that I've finished the Blissful Body Bootcamp, I feel...)

Himanshu Parikh: Hello. I hope you need blissful body boot camp. And it was really very nice. Short, sweet and somewhat exhausting. But I like it and it was really very good. Uh It was challenging short exercises yoga flow, vinyasa flow and it covers almost all parts upper body, lower body core strength so I really load it and I want to do it again. Thank you.

Why should the person watching this join the Blissful Body Bootcamp? (You should join Boho Beautiful's Blissful Body Bootcamp because...)

Himanshu Parikh: Hello Prince you should join the boho. Beautiful, blissful boot camp because first of all it is short It is only 15 minutes a day so it is very useful and You can spare 15 minutes a day for your body and it covers all parts of her body. Lower body coast and so it is very nice work out. Another thing about this you can redo it anytime at your time. So but basic thing I like about this short but it is impactful, it is exhausting only 15 minutes for your body mind and you can feel the difference. I have completed the blissful body bootcamp and I really feel the difference. It is really very good. So you must do it. Thank you.

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