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March 31, 2022

Wayne Homes Video testimonial

Video Transcript

Speaker: Michael Leckie-Ewing, Former Vice President of People and Culture at Wayne Homes

What's your name, title, department and company name?

Michael Leckie-Ewing: Hi, my name is Michael Leckie Ewing, I am the Former Vice President of People and Culture at Wayne Homes and have been a HighMatch customer for years.

Could you describe a challenge you've faced recently recruiting new hires? How did that challenge impact your company?

Michael Leckie-Ewing: is that the, the challenge of desperation hiring, simply taking somebody because they're the only one that you have left. what HighMatch has been able to do for us and has done for us is allowed us to make good decisions about who we hire. it's allowed us to stick to our guns and, find people who are fits within the organization, in terms of talents in terms of skills and things that they bring to the table.

What would you say to one of your peers considering purchasing the HighMatch platform?

Michael Leckie-Ewing: To anybody in the building industry considering using a product like HighMatch well HighMatch specifically, do it. it allows you to be more discerning hiring is a challenge anyway. Why not at least tip the scales in your favor

Michael Leckie-Ewing: the great thing about HighMatch for the building industry is we have a variety of positions, sales, construction, etc., back office estimating CAD all of those positions have a different set of skills that are important, a different set of traits and talents that are important to making sure that you can be successful at that role. The great thing about HighMatch is they'll take the time and their process is designed around defining a profile that fits the person that you're looking to hire. So if you're looking for a salesperson, the priority skills, the priority talents will be at the top

What roles do you use the platform on currently? How does your team and your hiring managers use this data?

Michael Leckie-Ewing: Wayne Homes uses HighMatch for every position there isn't a position that we fill that we don't use HighMatch profile. We've even taken the time to survey our executives our top managers to look for traits and talents that are similar among people who have achieved at that level. It is important for us to understand and to share with our managers the value that this brings. we, in Wayne Homes HR department have taken the front end of the hiring process upon ourselves, so we'll do the screening we'll issue the profile to the people that we think are, you know at least via a screening interview, a good fit for their, next steps. The HighMatch profile is the next step in our process. And then that profile and the candidate are forwarded on to our managers locally to consider and then to interview.

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