Kevin Dame for Customer Testimonial Videos

February 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kevin Dame

Could you describe a time that HELP-U-SELL Express Realty helped you?

Kevin Dame: Hi, my name is kevin Dame and I'm a mortgage loan officer with the mortgage firm in lakeland florida. My team and I have had the pleasure and the honor of working alongside jennifer Daniel and serving countless homebuyers with her over the last several years. And um there's a few things that I really, really love about working with jennifer um and I think you would two for one. She's got such an incredibly positive and tenacious attitude. Um She just has never presented with a situation that she feels is too difficult for her to to overcome um in a market where um there's a lot of challenges. We see a lot of people who just tend to um immediately have kind of a negative attitude towards um home buyers who have tough situations or a price point that seems difficult to find the right home. Um She always just puts her nose to the grindstone and find a way to get it done um for all types of buyers, big and small. First time home buyers move up buyers out of state buyers. We've seen it all with her and she's just approached every situation with such poise, such professionalism and such positivity. Um It's such a joy working with her as a professional in the industry um and and home buyers and sellers alike would would really be lucky to have the opportunity to work with jennifer as your real estate agent

How would you describe HELP-U-SELL Express Realty in three words?

Kevin Dame: If I could describe jennifer and help you so realty in three words, those would be positive, hard working and caring.

Why is HELP-U-SELL Express Realty different from other similar products or services?

Kevin Dame: What really makes jennifer and help you sell different, um, from a lot of others in the business space is that she is truly a student of her game. If you follow her on facebook and on social media, you'll see that on a daily basis, super consistent. She's always um, posting market updates and tips and tricks for home buyers and sellers. And the only way that you can do that and deliver such a great message is by studying the market, studying the industry and really being a student, which in turn makes you a great expert for others.

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