Emma Inniss | What Stands Out About Venntro's Culture

November 16, 2022

Hear what Emma has to say about her role, her favourite things about working at Venntro, and what stands out to her about about the culture.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Emma Inniss, Head of Operations

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your role at Venntro.

Emma Inniss: Hi, I'm Emma I'm Head of Operations here at Venntro. I typically work alongside our senior team for strategic planning. I support our product and development team with regards to project management, and I also oversee our in-house customer service team.

What's your favourite part about being in this role?

Emma Inniss: My favourite part of this role is that it's collaborative. It allows me to work with pretty much everyone across the business and everyone I work with shares the same vision and is dedicated to our mission - making getting things done and operational level really easy. The work I do is challenging and most importantly, really interesting, which means that every day is different. Which also then means I'm constantly learning and developing within my role.

Is there anything in particular that stands out to you about Venntro's culture?

Emma Inniss: Things I love most about the culture at Venntro is no one here is taken for granted and everyone is definitely appreciated for their contribution. Praise is given when it's due throughout all levels of business and everyone is willing to help each other. There's no task - big or small - that no one else would be willing to jump in and help with. The work life balance for sure. I know that when I log off at the end of the day there is no expectation from the business for me to be jumping on my emails or jumping on tasks. I'll pick it up the next day and it's as simple as that. Definitely the social aspects - we like to meet up as a team. Being a fully remote business, it's great to catch up and see people face to face as this helps you build those relationships, internally and externally. I'm definitely lucky to work at Venntro.

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