HalenHardy's Experience Working With Story Sells

August 12, 2022

HalenHardy, a B2B environmental products manufacturer, needed help developing a clear brand message amidst multiple product categories.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Troy Beaver, Partner, HalenHardy

Say your name, company, and title, and then describe the problem(s) you were having before you started working with Story Sells.

Troy Beaver: Hi, so my name is Troy Beaver with HalenHardy. I'm a partner there. Uh So one of the major problems we were having prior to dealing with Danny and Story Sells was the fact that we're a manufacturer selling in the B. 2B. Space. And we had a lot of different products that fit into um similar categories but not exactly the same. And really just getting a clear message out to our customers away that's very cohesive that we could clearly communicate to our customers what it is we do and what makes us different.

How did Story Sells solve the problems you were having? Which part of the experience of working with them made you the happiest?

Troy Beaver: Danny and the team at Story Sells did a great job of really listening and and diving in deeply um to um what I'd like to say, we had a bunch of different messaging over the years, um as we developed different products in different categories. And what the team of Story Sells did really well was just listening to the different message, taking it all in and then coming back to us with a really clearly defined plan, but also a really clearly defined messaging, and then took our feedback greatly and and really used that to develop and refine the messaging. Um that got us to the final product that really worked out well for us.

Would you recommend Story Sells to a friend or colleague?

Troy Beaver: I would definitely recommend Danny and Story Sells to a friend or colleague, um, from, from the time that we first met until they the final product that they produced for us, they were just truly professional along the entire journey, um, really just taking all of our different thoughts and ideas into account and coming back to us with a great product, but also at the same time, um, just being great people in general to work with.

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