Client Testimonial - Sydney Parra

September 03, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sydney Parra

Please introduce yourself and tell us why you started working out with Habib Health and Fitness.

Sydney Parra: Hi, my name is Sydney Pera. I started working with rob to be health and fitness because 11 months postpartum after I had my son, I was struggling to find myself again. Um I I've always been very active. I have always worked out, I've done half marathons, but after I had my child, I was just really struggling to feel strong and confident and find a training program that helped me feel like me again. So I started working with rob and he helped guide me in the right direction and all of those areas that I needed to help with.

Please describe your experience working with Rob and Habib Health and Fitness.

Sydney Parra: working with rob was an awesome experience. He is extremely knowledgeable and gave me some of that knowledge when it came to working out. I feel like I learned a lot more than I have ever learned about fitness and exercise and lifting ever. Um I learned so much through this experience with him. He's super responsive, he's helpful, he gives little tips and tricks, he fixes form anything that you could possibly need in your training experience, he will give you that and beyond. Um he's extremely easy to work with, he's friendly, he's kind, he's patient. Um every time I had to kind of switch things around because of my life or my schedule or you know needing days to do other things, he worked with me and modified anything that I needed, any time that I needed which was awesome. Um I had a great time working with rob and I want to continue and would definitely recommend other people to do the same.

What have you learned, accomplished, and how has your life changed while working out with Rob and Habib Health and Fitness?

Sydney Parra: I have learned so much from rob, through this experience. I came into this with what I thought was a pretty good knowledge of lifting of health wellness, um being active, but I had a lot to learn and I didn't realize I had so much to learn, but rob taught me so, so, so much little things, big things, everything in between. Um for example things about how important rest time is and really pushing yourself to the limit even when you don't feel like you can um it was amazing to have rob there along every step of the way and really helping me push myself and teaching me those little things and giving me more information about different lifts and how the body works and how sleep and eat and rest can really impact your results. So I learned a crazy amount from rob throughout this experience. Um I accomplished things that, you know, I didn't know I could accomplish, I set goals for myself, but I surpassed a lot of those goals, especially especially when it came to my strength, I didn't know I had some of these things in me but rob helped to bring them out, which has been awesome. Um it really has changed my life, I didn't know that I could feel this strong and look this strong and all without putting in so much work I have, you know, over the years, beaten myself to the ground, working out and doing all these crazy things and I've never had results like I've gotten with rob and the training that he's done with me with Habib health and fitness, so beyond grateful.

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