Katie Andrews | OF Reel Size

September 11, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Katie Andrews

Tell me a skill you were struggling with? (would love to hear details about what you were going through)

Katie Andrews: A skill that I was struggling with and I still currently struggling with, but uh significantly less is my TANKA fall on vault.

How did mindset training help you get that skill?

Katie Andrews: Mindset training is helping me with my Yurchenko full through the tips and tricks that my coaches have been giving me. Um They are very applicable and super helpful and I use them in every single practice. And this has helped me so much with my Yurchenko full and my wonderful coach, coach al she taught me that if I go back to the basics and do consistent numbers of the basics, then I'll be more comfortable with the harder skills. So I'm becoming more confident on my fulls because of the basics that I did over and over again.

What would you tell another gymnast who is struggling to get a skill and considering mindset training

Katie Andrews: For a gymnast who's struggling with the skill and who is considering gymnastics mindset training. I would 100% say at least give it a try because when it was off, when it was an option for me, I wasn't really sure about it, but when I did a couple meetings, I recognized how helpful it already was and how much more confident my gymnastics was becoming. And the coaches are so nice and so understanding and so uplifting and um, I never feel uncomfortable talking to them about my mental blocks or any problem that's going on at gymnastics. So I would 100% say give mindset training a try.

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