Katie Andrews | OF Fear

September 11, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Katie Andrews

Tell me a skill you were struggling with? (would love to hear details about what you were going through)

Katie Andrews: Hi, my name is Katie Andrews and I'm a Wellton gymnast at Dobbs Creek and the skill that I was struggling with and, and still currently struggling with, but much less is my Yurchenko full on fault.

How did mindset training help you get that skill?

Katie Andrews: Mindset training helped me with this skill because I've learned so many tips and tricks that I can use in a practice that I've never even heard of before. And they truly work. And I think the private coaching and the group calls and the weekly workouts have all given me so much positive information on how to actually use those tips and tricks in practices. And you can clearly see a result when you use them.

What would you tell another gymnast who is struggling to get a skill and considering mindset training

Katie Andrews: For a gymnast who's struggling to get a skill and is considering mindset training. I would want 100% say at least give it a try because I didn't know if I wanted to do mindset training when it was introduced to me. But when I went to a couple of meetings, I recognized how helpful it was and how I could actually put what they were talking about into practice. And also the coaches are so nice and so amazing and you never feel uncomfortable talking to them about any gymnastics problem that you're having. So I'd say, please definitely give it a try.

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