Ben Anderson for GXA Customer Testimonials

November 29, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ben Anderson, Assistant Director - Technology and Video Services, Big 12 Conference

Could you describe a time that GXA helped you?

Ben Anderson: There are several instances that I could point to of GX A helping me out with whatever technical problem that I faced. Uh one of my favorite ones to point to that was during onboarding, we had several pieces that were left with our old company that were, we were not ne necessarily sure how to transition into the new company. And GX A not only stood in but took over and, and, and made us feel comfortable as a conference as they would continue to push through all of the, the issues that that came up with all of these transition, uh instances that, that we were running into and speed bumps that we were running into GX A was able to handle them and run with them uh in quick and efficient manner.

How would you describe GXA in three words?

Ben Anderson: Three terms that I could use to describe GX A would be professional, timely and solution driven.

Why is GXA different from other similar products or services?

Ben Anderson: One of the main ways I've seen GX A differ itself from other services is just the attention to detail and the attention to communication through an entire issue from start to finish. The communication is at, at top level the whole way. Uh And it to where nobody's left asking questions and we're, we're able to continue working through problems with great communication the entire way.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience with GXA

Ben Anderson: My experience with the GX A so far has been nothing short of them, living above expectations and continuing to live above expectations and they push themselves to continue to live above expectations and keep their clients and their, their members happy and working and working in a professional and efficient manner. And it's, it, I've, I've had nothing but good things to say about GX A so far.

Can you tell us who referred you to this video testimonial?

Ben Anderson: Rodney sent me the link for the video initially and I also saw the link in George's newsletter. So that was what prompted me to start the recording today.

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