Terry Graden for Your Story is Important!

March 12, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Terry G.

Tell us about your Guitar journey before you discovered Steve Stine and GuitarZoom.

Terry G.: Hey Steve and everybody at GuitarZoom. My name is Terry G. I'm sending this video message from Calgary Alberta. I started my guitar journey in July of last year after I retired after 32 years in my career at the end of last October and I finally had the time to think of something that I always wanted to do and made the purchase with my first guitar, which is an Epiphone to my second guitar purchase, which you would probably be happy to see. It's Ibanez 621 S series, which I absolutely love it. It's absolutely amazing. I've had professionally set up here and, I just love it. But back to something that's a little more important and I want to provide you with a little bit of feedback in the sense that I think you're absolutely an amazing online instructor and I honestly don't believe there's anything you can do to improve the platform and the messaging and the manner of instruction that you that you give to your students. It's, I honestly believe that I feel like I'm sitting right in front of you and we're just shooting the ship about whatever it is and you're teaching me how to play. I found somebody different initially in July and I progressed through the beginning, course, quite a quick rate without skipping over anything. I had a very good, solid foundation and to the amazement of myself and those that are close to me and some of the other people that are online. I am doing extremely well, had a little bit of music background growing up. I was forced to play piano and that probably most of us were, and played in a Scottish pipes and drum band for a while when I was younger. And here I am learning something I always wanted to do but back to something more important I think and sometimes we get used to get used to hearing compliments or we get used to hearing criticisms and it's really important in my opinion anyway, that I hope those compliments that you receive don't go unnoticed and they don't become just second nature for you because the matter in which you teach the platform, the video quality, it's really second to none. And again, I feel like it's, a 1-1 session and you're not just speaking to a general audience. So, I hope you understand that. And I honestly don't believe again that there's anything you can do to improve what you're doing because it's really hard to, to, improve on something that's excellent already. So I wish you good luck, thank you for the opportunity to provide this feedback. Please keep it going because you just, you just kick ass in your instruction, you are a phenomenal instructor and I appreciate it and I'm thankful that I came across you and I actually came, I knew of you, and when I searched for somebody else to continue this journey with, your name, your picture, clicked with somebody used to work with. He's in his own band here in Calgary and he raved about you when I worked, when I worked alongside him for a while, so I'm glad I found you. I'm looking forward to continue this journey with you. I thank you again for providing the level instruction that you do and the matter in which you do it because it's a man, it's absolutely amazing. So good luck going forward and I look forward to whatever else that you have to provide, take care.

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