Tad Archer speaks about GuitarZoom Golden Ticket

January 20, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tad Archer

Tad Archer: Hey, Steve Stine and GuitarZoom My guitar journey started very shortly before seeing the first YouTube video of you giving guitar pointers. And I started following you on YouTube and then found GuitarZoom and subscribed right away. So, I've only been playing about 23 months now, That guitar, I think I'm pretty good for 66 year old guy, but before that, I played Ukulele.

Tad Archer: I'm self-taught and because of the pandemic, I really haven't gone out there and played with other people by saying self taught, I mean with your lessons on the internet and then other internet, internet information, I would love to sit down with other guitarists and play and strum and you know, do rhythm and then solos and, I'm getting there, I think I'm pretty good, I mean I like to sing so yeah, I think I'm doing pretty well. I don't know, I took one lesson at a studio and I didn't like it, it was just too regimented in little piece by piece and come back next week and it's the only half an hour. I'd rather like go to a guitar therapist for an hour and you know, learn things about the physics or physiology of how I'm standing or the ergonomics, that's not right. But you know, just tips and tricks and just little questions, so yeah, I like your course

Tad Archer: I have to be honest, here I am, I do an annual membership. I think it's $99. And then there was some package that came around that gave you access to other courses as well as the books, got a bunch of bound books that came with it like that. And then the Golden Ticket came along and I honestly thought that the Golden Ticket was a lifetime thing I didn't realize was it was only annual. And otherwise I wouldn't have done it because I already had to an annual subscription and then what I purchased with the other package. And I I guess in the advertisement of it, I never heard it was only an annual subscription. And so I was kind of disappointed because there's no way I can cover all that information in a year. But that that was my greatest surprise.

Tad Archer: I think the golden ticket is, there's so much information on your site and all the master classes and have access to all of it. I don't, maybe a younger man could could get through it all in a year, but there's no way that I can get through it in the year. Um, I play every day a couple of times a day. I like it, but it's a lot of information for just a year, but I would definitely recommend it. I think it's a good deal and uh, I enjoy it better than taking lessons at some music store. And uh, your style is perfect for me. Uh, the way you explain things.

Tad Archer: I guess it's impacted me the most by mixing music theory with lessons, you know, um, how to how to play so many things soloing chords. Um, yeah, I was just, I wish as much as I love music, which I really do. I wish I had learned the language a long time ago.

Tad Archer: I think my playing has improved a lot. I've always had great timing. I'm a good dancer and I'm a pretty good singer. Um But I think it's I don't know, I'd have to play with other people. I haven't compared myself to others really, but I would love to sit down with a group and and a strong guitar like once a week.

Tad Archer: You know, I'm new to Guitar, so I'm pretty much a virgin student. So, uh, started learning with you right away, actually, so I really haven't had that much other experience. There are a couple of other people I follow online. Uh, you're the only one I subscribed to or, you know, pay to subscribe, but there's so much out there. I'll, if I have a certain song I wanna learn, search it on Youtube and there are a couple of people that teach it well. You and, uh, marty Schultz and some other people, but not too many. Thank you.

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