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February 22, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ron P.

Tell us about your Guitar journey before you discovered Steve Stine and GuitarZoom.

Ron P.: Hi, my name is Ron P. I live in Charlestown. Rhode Island. Was never very good at reading music. Used to just like picking and playing and stuff like that. But back when I was probably 10 or 12 years old, pick the guitar up about six or seven years ago, just been horsing around and a few courses that I've taken from Steve, let's put it this way, has taught me a lot more about the neck on the guitar, the frets on the guitar and moving all over the place. May never going to be a rock star like Steve, but I have a lot of fun doing it. Thanks for your help Steve. I'll keep getting some of your courses and still keep playing games and having fun. Thanks

How would you describe the results you’ve seen in your personal playing and learning of the guitar?

Ron P.: Well from the last recording that I did was when I was young, I used to love going crazy on the guitar was better with chords a little bit back then. My fingers weren't as big as they are now. And you know, after putting the guitar down for years, you wind up losing things and forgetting things. But using the course that he gave me in describing the way I played back then versus the way I play now, as far as lead playing, and following along with some songs, there's no comparison. I've done a hell of a lot more since then, and I have a lot more fun doing it now than I did back then. All I can say is thanks. Like I said, I'm just gonna keep playing, messing around, having fun following some songs and again, aren't going to be a rock star, but I'm gonna enjoy the time I have playing the guitar again, thanks Steve, appreciate it.

What was something you didn't expect from GuitarZoom that really surprised you?

Ron P.: Some of the things, I didn't realize that one of the things that didn't realize is the friendliness of Steve when he's teaching, how, understanding he is when he's teaching and how knowledgeable he is with, everything and the community and GuitarZoom community. All the friendly people, things they post and stuff like that. They respond to every time you post something for one of them, they post something new, they always respond to you, which is really, really nice. Steve, again, I got your course a long time ago, was in the midst of building a home. So I didn't have time to do your courses. And I told that to the people when I bought the course that it was gonna take me time to use it. And they told me that it always stays on the internet. So no matter when I'm ready, it'll always be there. And it has been, it's, the screens have changed a little bit from when I first bought it, you've modified them. And let's put it this way. I'm not disappointed in anyway. Like I said, your community. It's fantastic listening to looking at some of the guys playing and ladies playing and how friendly everybody is and as knowledgeable as you are with the guitar and everything else. And I love that black guitar. I've heard so much about it, but again, I'd like to know some of the what would be nice is if you ever post some of the sounds that you use on your guitars and the way you set up your amplifier and you have some pretty unique sounds that really are nice. I'm messing around with, positive grid and a few other amplifiers, but it's fun. Like I said, I enjoy doing it, never gonna be the best, but I'm gonna have a lot of fun playing. And again, thank you for your course. I really appreciate it. And look forward to getting another one soon. Thank you.

If you have to compare GuitarZoom to any other alternative, what would you say?

Ron P.: I haven't really used any other alternatives or stuff like that. I've seen a few things on the internet and when I was younger, I learned from a one more person and I couldn't even tell you how you know who it was back then. But I watched a lot of videos on the internet of Steve versus a bunch of other ones and checking his background and how much he knows and how knowledgeable he is. I just wanted to try his courses and he's got a friend for life. I mean, he's fantastic. He's very good. He's very knowledgeable. He really shows 1-1 with the internet, which is really, really nice. And the good part is we can watch it over and over again. Practice when we can and it's always there. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your courses.

What would you say to someone who's thinking of signing up for a GuitarZoom Course?

Ron P.: What would I say to somebody that wants to sign up with GuitarZoom or a GuitarZoom course. There's really nothing to say. I mean, it's like night and day. I've seen a few other ones, try it. You won't be, disappointed. Steve is great. The community is great. Get the course.

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