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January 27, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Robert Royster

Robert Royster: Well, hi guys, I guess. Uh I got my first guitar when I was about 12. A little Stella little western guitar, steel string. Um I learned the cowboy chords. Never really learned how to strum or any finger picking or anything else. And over the years I put around a little bit with it and then let's put it down And I didn't pick up guitar again for around 45. How many Christ? I'm 65 now, but I started seeing steve videos on Youtube and they started seeing some facebook ads. And so I checked into it and I don't know, I've got 30 40 courses or more now. I'm retired. So I'm starting to seriously pick up a guitar and I'm practicing on a fender, dreadnought acoustic. I figure, I mean christ is harder to play than than that s. G. Behind me. And I said it's never a phone, it's not a Gibson, I can't afford that, but I'm still at this point I have arthritis, so I'm fighting that with my picking hand and my fretboard hand and just it's been a real challenge. But I'm gonna stick with it. And I want to be able to tear up the S. G. Behind me because I want to learn how to play the guitar well enough so I can sit in and play blues guitar with some of my friends. I mean my brothers play, I've got a close friend who's like a brother, he plays, he's recorded. Um So I just wanna be to the point where I'm comfortable where I can sit down and play for somebody and you know, in a small group or even a public setting at some point.

Robert Royster: Oh, jeez, my playing results, to quote a brit british term have been dodgy at best. I mean, some sometimes I sound pretty good and other times that I don't know, it just sounds like everything is just muted and distorted without it trying to be muted and distorted. So again, I just, you know, I'm working working through arthritis and I figure the guitar exercises will help the arthritis as well, so, but but I've learned the basic pattern for the dust in dust in the wind exercise, and I think that's kind of cool because I've always loved that song, I just can't get my fretting hand to go through the chord chord exercise in in the video that steve shows, but I'll get there.

Robert Royster: I think what I like about the guitar zoom courses and steve stein in particular is that when he's instructing in a video, it's like he's actually talking to you, not talking to a group, and, you know, he gives you options, like, well, this is what I do, but you don't really have to do it. If you find something that works for you, great, go for it. So, I think that's I think that's a plus, because I've seen other video courses and it's just like they hammer you, you got to do this, this, this and this, and I'm an old hard head, so it just really doesn't work for me.

Robert Royster: Well, it's amazing. I actually have two other courses that are video based and I say, the Guitar Zoom courses by far have been the best courses. I mean, I'll I'll take a look at all of them, you know, but, and I'll pick what I think works best for me, regardless of the course, but I prefer the Guitar Zoom courses.

Robert Royster: You know, I was wearing a guitar zoom t shirt that I got, I don't know, like walmart or somewhere. Another guy came up to me and said, hey man, who says I'm taking, I'm taking the courses as well as well. So what do you think about it? And I said, well, I think it's great and continue on. And if somebody were to ask me, I'd say check out guitar zoom before some of the other courses, I said, you know, it's kind of like that consumer cellular commercial. The dude says it's like four scoops of ice cream for the price of one. That's exactly what you're getting.

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