True Story: Golden Ticket Member at GuitarZoom

January 20, 2023

Video Transcript

Good evening everyone. I really love playing in the guitar, but it so happened that I did not play for many years. When I saw Steve Stine on facebook, I decided to play, especially when I saw the technical of the game I tried to play. But I am very dissatisfied it with myself because I can't achieve good fingers mobility. I'm very glad that I have met as a new friend on facebook facebook group, very kind and helpful people. Even when I first went on the air with my guitar and playing and the name of errors, they supported me and pointed out my mistakes. For myself personally, I want to ask for some exercises so that I can develop the mobility of my fingers as quickly as possible.

It's very difficult to describe my length, my thing, my playing guitar in the facebook because I know I don't play well and I know I understand all my mistakes and fixing now this all my mistakes. I know I have done a lot of mistakes because of a bad mobility of my fingers and they will try just now. I'm playing better, but it's not enough. I don't like this, but I think it will be I will do I will try to change.

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