Nhat Le for Rock Licks by Steve Stine

February 21, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Nhat L.

Tell me about your Guitar Journey before starting the Rock Licks Course

Nhat L.: Hey, my guitar journey, it's been over almost close to 40 years, and, you know, I'm still trying to learn the instrument, has brought me a lot of joy trying to figure things out. You know, I consider myself an intermediate player and, you know, any course, any instruction is great instruction, and you can always learn from something and, you know, up to this point, I've enjoyed playing, and I understand a lot about music, but there's always more to learn. Thank you.

What is something you didn't expect to find in this course, that really surprised you?

Nhat L.: Hey, something that I did not expect in this course was actual real life songs that, Steve would show us the the actual real life application of these great solos or these great runs. You know, it's nice to learn the, the different scales and the different arpeggios and different triad movements, but to put it into context really was nice added bonus.

How would you Describe the results you’ve seen in your personal playing and learning?

Nhat L.: My progress with the guitar has been great. especially with these courses, learned a lot and still have a lot to learn. I tell my friends that, you know, I'm never gonna play like Steve, but at the same time, the things that he teaches inspires and, then you create your own practice regimen and you learn from it. And the ideas and concepts that he's laying across is great for any level, beginner, intermediate or advanced, even professional.

If you have to compare this to other similar courses, what would you say?

Nhat L.: To compare this course with others. I think in the end it comes down to the presenter, you know in this case Steve. He seems like, I mean I don't know him personally but he seems like a really great guy. He's that friend that everybody has that plays a lot better than we do. And so you know very personable style and you know, although I can't never achieve the runs and the moves and the speed that Steve has, he definitely has the way of teaching that is very personable and it's very easy to understand and you know, inspiring at the same time.

What would you say to someone who's thinking of signing up for my Rock Licks Course?

Nhat L.: I would highly recommend the Rock Licks course from Steve Stine, you know, from beginner to intermediate to advanced. You could always learn something from what Steve has to offer. Like I mentioned before, I don't think any of us will ever play like Steve, nor should we. What he does is he lays it out there, teaches you the concepts and ideas and it's up to you to take and run with it. And so with that, I think it's a highly recommended course, go get it.

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