Georrrey Elliott speaks about GuitarZoom Golden Ticket

January 20, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Geoffrey Elliott

Geoffrey Elliott: Hello. Thanks very much for asking for my views. I've had a look at my GuitarZoom page on on on the internet and having looked at your email that you sent telling me how to start off with the new thing. I can't I can't match it up for a start. I don't have any item on mine which says V. I. P. Would you talk about? Plus the fact that I've looked at my my other details and and I'm not sure that in fact the golden ticket although I've got the receipt for it that have paid for it, I'm not sure that it's that has actually been downloaded to me. Um I wonder if someone could come back to me on that. Um Also I have sent the message today because it's the first day I've really had a chance to come on my computer for about three weeks. I took ill just before christmas. Oh look over christmas and I haven't been very well. Um I sent a message just saying that I I I also booked um 1 to 1 with mr stein. I thought this was part of the golden ticket and I didn't realize that that that that the cost was there. I have paid it obviously and I've got a receipt for it and I don't mind keeping it but I'm not ready to do it at the moment because I'm not in the best of the best of health. Um I also of course I'm in England so therefore I need the time like to know what's good for Mr Stein as and also is available for me with the with the time difference, if you could help me with that and that's that's all that's all for now. If if if if you can help me, please let me know.

Geoffrey Elliott: I'm very pleased with them. My use have had a guitar zoom since I entered onto it. Um, um, and I'm pleased with my own progress as though of course I would like it to be to be to be better. And that's why I thought an hour with steve might guide me in there in the right right directions. Um, I've got a long way to go, but, but basically I am, I can I can play lots of chords and I can and I can learn songs if I need to. And although my age, it doesn't, I don't really care about them, but I would, of course like better to be able to play melodies and two to, to, to do some instrumental things if that could be done.

Geoffrey Elliott: I can't add anything that I am didn't expect on the Golden membership at the moment because I'm not sure that I'm on it, so that's my big problem, so I'll go to the next question.

Geoffrey Elliott: As I mentioned before, I wasn't well when I when I am, went in and bought the golden ticket and I didn't realize that the the lesson wasn't part of it until I got the receipt through. So, so I probably wouldn't have done that had I am, had I realized, but never mind.

Geoffrey Elliott: I can't I can't again I can't answer this question because I don't I don't think I'm using the golden ticket stuff. Um It it isn't explained to me that I've got all the things they're downloaded.

Geoffrey Elliott: My playing and confidence is has improved and over a lot since I took back to the cog to to the, to the, to the guitar after many, many years of not playing it. Um, I mean, when I say money, I mean a lot, probably 40-50 years. Um, and it only happened because of COVID when we were in lockdown, I was looking for something else to do and I've enjoyed it very much so. I, so I think I think whatever I've done with the courses has improved me terribly well.

Geoffrey Elliott: I think I've already done that. I am. I played when I was a young man from about 14 till I was 20, um just by here and from music books and a couple of bands and things. And then I stopped and didn't pick it up again until there about 2.5 2.5 years ago or something. Um And uh and I just wanted to get into it and try and play guitar properly, so um yeah.

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