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March 20, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ewell S.

Tell us about your Guitar journey before you discovered Steve Stine and GuitarZoom.

Ewell S.: My name is Ewell S. I am now retired in over 70 but I've been playing guitar since I was 12 and I was learning songs all along the way and played in a band, classic rock band for 13 years. But I never was able to have the confidence to jam. So I started buying some of Steve Stine's courses. And the problem with that was, I didn't know which ones to start with to help me progress my level of playing or, or understanding of the guitar. And just since I've been retired, I've been working on some of the live lessons and stuff like that with him and Nik and it's gotten much better. but I found out I had a this getting started guitar course and I started going through it. Now. I already knew how to play chords. D and C and G and stuff like that. But some of the, using the hybrid scale and using the aeolian versus diatonic. It's stuff it really has helped me. It's a good course to begin with if you want to start learning the guitar as an instrument versus just song after song because I know like six or 800 songs, but I never knew how to jam. And so that's what I'm working on Steve. I thank you, Nik. I thank you. Appreciate your help.

How would you describe the results you’ve seen in your personal playing and learning of the guitar?

Ewell S.: Well, like I said before, I only started getting back into the lessons after I've retired. So it's a struggle for me to sit down and just practice the scales and practice the positions of the pentatonic scale and then the differences between diatonic and aeolian and et cetera, but I'm working on it. So I'm a work in progress.

What was something you didn't expect from GuitarZoom that really surprised you?

Ewell S.: What really surprised me about GuitarZoom was the live classes for Fretboard Challenge. And I was hesitant to sign up for that. I signed up for the first four, live recordings and Nik and Eric and stuff were some of the teachers, I still haven't had Steve Stine as a teacher. But anyway, this Fretboard Challenge has 18 hours of live recordings. You can work with them, they can answer your questions. It's really good. It's really good. it's helping me forcing me to practice and to learn the guitar.

If you have to compare GuitarZoom to any other alternative, what would you say?

Ewell S.: Comparing GuitarZoom to other alternatives. Well, I've tried live lessons where you get 30 minutes with the teacher and then you go off to practice on your own for a week and try to remember what he said. And you don't have course materials to look up or anything else except what you wrote down in the 30 minutes. You were with him. And I've tried other things like the guitar God classes who I will not name the teacher, but they show you basically how to play it real fast and then say, just watch the segments over and over and have to learn it yourself with mu not much explanation and what I like about GuitarZoom and Steve Stine because he was an actual teacher. I got into it when he was still teaching at the, at the University of North Dakota or North Dakota State, whatever that was. And, I started buying some of his lessons and, he explains things that you can understand them and he can reload, reload the DVD S or he can back up on the online and do it over and over and over and that's pretty good value for the money. And like I say, I was working and trying to do guitar between that. But since I've retired, I'm concentrating more on learning the guitar and the fret board and it's GuitarZoom is the way to go.

What would you say to someone who's thinking of signing up for a GuitarZoom Course?

Ewell S.: What would I say to someone who's thinking of signing up for GuitarZoom course? Well, what was a struggle for me signing up was knowing which courses to sign up for and then in which order to do them so that I could progress in a normal manner. But now that they've got these live like Fretboard Challenge class, 18 hours of live videos and you can ask questions and you record those things, you can go back and look at those and then I discovered I have 215 courses that I've been signed up for. And I mean, how do you choose which ones to start? So I was going through these beginning courses. I rank sorted them by beginner and this guitar starting Getting Started on guitar was pretty good because it talked about the different scales and stuff like that. So I'd suggest that someone even whose experience playing guitar like 40 or 50 years, like I have still start with some of the beginning classes and then you could skip the parts that you already know and move forward and then move on to more intermediate classes and stuff.

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