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March 20, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Derek B.

Tell us about your Guitar journey before you discovered Steve Stine and GuitarZoom.

Derek B.: Hey there. yeah, I've been interested in playing guitar since I was young. About 10 years old. I got my, I bought my first guitar from a pawn shop at about 14 and, never really had any, instruction or anything. So I just meandered around for a while, continued doing that through my teens, learned some very basic chords and stuff and then got married, had kids and, no longer had time nor the money to continue my journey at that point. So, kind of dropped it until a couple of years ago, when, the pandemic set in. I thought it was a perfect time due to all the extra time that I had and, started picking it up then of now, taking a few lessons and, and making some progress and, and of course, it's not going as fast as I'd like it to. But, I'm dedicating myself to it and, having a great time so far.

How would you describe the results you’ve seen in your personal playing and learning of the guitar?

Derek B.: my progress has improved greatly just in the past two weeks since I started the GuitarZoom course. I had been using another program previously to that, but it was just not structured enough and, seemed to jump too far ahead for my skill set. this has been perfect, so far, the availability of courses and, the guidance that I've gotten from the GuitarZoom Facebook family, has really helped quite a bit too with some, you know, simple and easy, instructions and what courses to focus on, to begin with. So, it's, been awesome so far.

What was something you didn't expect from GuitarZoom that really surprised you?

Derek B.: What I was really surprised with, with GuitarZoom was the level of communication and responsiveness to questions and the availability of the instructors. I've already received a couple of follow up emails, some encouragement with also getting set up my first couple of conference calls to kind of gauge my goals and, and where I need to go with this thing so that it just blows me away. Because with other courses that I've taken, I had no one on one contact when I did send emails or messages. If I got a reply at all, they were very blunt and almost like AI generated answers. I never really got anywhere. So I'm, I'm really impressed with the level of communication, the personal contact. I really enjoy that.

If you have to compare GuitarZoom to any other alternative, what would you say?

Derek B.: My experience with GuitarZoom is hands down much more streamlined and easier to comprehend than the previous two programs that I had used for online training as a beginner guitarist. I was having difficulty following the progress of the previous programs. And, the videos were either too short, too quick that, that I couldn't comprehend. So I ended up watching them several times with really never picking up the concepts just because they move through them too fast. With GuitarZoom. So far it has been hands down. the easiest to follow for me, somebody with severe ADD. And so I need a little structure, but at the same time, short enough video is that I can focus long enough to you know, get through it and do a few practice runs and then of course, I can re-watch the videos over and over again, which has been very helpful. So far, I really, I really like my progress.

What would you say to someone who's thinking of signing up for a GuitarZoom Course?

Derek B.: I would highly recommend GuitarZoom to anyone, anywhere in their journey. We trying to progress with guitar. I've used a couple of other companies that fell short, um just due to the style of, of what they were teaching was a bit too advanced for me. And, I just couldn't grasp some of the concepts so so far, this has been so helpful. I have two sons that are actually on this journey with me and I've recommended GuitarZoom to them as well. And anybody that'll listen, basically, I'm just having a great time.

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