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January 27, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dean Bossick

Tell us about your Guitar journey before you discovered Steve Stine and GuitarZoom.

Dean Bossick: I feel it was a very good review of some of the concepts already know with the guitar and but adding the different concepts with strumming and of course the finger lifting and all the different types of techniques to go with cording and moving to different chords I think will be very helpful in cementing in the knowledge of how to be proficient at this. And I feel that the fundamentals of all that will lead to better guitar playing down the road. Thank you, steve. Bye.

How would you describe the results you’ve seen in your personal playing and learning of the guitar?

Dean Bossick: I believe going back and are redefining the basics, you know from the beginning is very helpful in a lot of ways that I feel that I have been able to play songs in the past when I was younger, Uh maybe when I was 17 and stuff and played a lot of stuff when I was really into it and getting back in it now as I'm older at 67, but uh taking more time to redefine and learn, get solid concepts down and being able to apply these concepts and working with them and practice with the different methods and techniques. I think we'll greatly define. I was able to play songs like it says in the past and stuff, but I think even more, I can see a lot of stuff where maybe um I didn't play it quite correctly or quite cleanly. Uh you know these these uh I believe that enhancing these concepts again from the beginning and then moving forward in a structured manner with steve's courses is gonna help me even be much more polished and playing. And I've uh the journey is good, it's coming along, but I'm still not where I wanna be and I'm gonna keep working on that. Thank you

What was something you didn't expect from GuitarZoom that really surprised you?

Dean Bossick: I guess what really surprises me about guitar zoom was the vast library. Of course, they have a tremendous amount of videos and training tracks and everything involved. But also, uh, the fact that it's an ongoing program that, you know, it's a life's venture, like you says, learning the guitar, but, uh, that they're willing to have the guitar community and all that to help each other learn along the way. And, uh, that the support is there. If you do have questions, and, uh, the videos are in a very interesting, laid out format and, uh, just keep moving along and we'll see where it takes me. Thank you.

If you have to compare GuitarZoom to any other alternative, what would you say?

Dean Bossick: comparing of course different results. I've had some guitar lessons for a couple of years recently until I got sick with pneumonia and trying to learn too many instruments at once. Saxophone, violin and also the guitar and trying to spend the time for all of them. You just can't be great at all of them My age it takes a lot especially working full time and demands my job and life. But my passion is always there for music. And uh I've got was lucky when I was young at 13 years of age, my uncle was a big band leader and he taught me Eastern European strings and I played on records when I was 13 years old and not to brag or nothing, but I was blessed with that. But of course guitar is a little different as a couple more strings than some of the eastern european instruments. But I think I have a very good solid foundation, grew up with practice every week, two times a week we met with the orchestra and I did that from the sixth grade till 12 and practice with my uncle's group till I was about 32 years of age performing and stuff. But this is a personal achievement and hopefully that I can, you know, match up to the qualities of the program and keep moving forward with this and hope to gain further into insight into the guitar. But the different genres and everything that's involved that they touch on is fantastic and trying to compare to other programs other I feel you benefit from different things. There is a couple different, this is a good, very good program structure and I think the other programs I've looked at from another guy, another Guitar wizard, is very structured too. And I feel that you learned from all different concepts and uh, but it's very nice to see a completely laid out format step by step to touch all these different genres and different styles from classic to blues to whatever or maybe even jazz style of playing. But I do feel comparatively to compare it. There's other, there was a few good programs out there, but this is one of the ones at the top of the, that is a real gem. Thank you. Bye.

What would you say to someone who's thinking of signing up for a GuitarZoom Course?

Dean Bossick: If I was gonna say something to somebody about signing up for guitar zoom courses, I would say pull the trigger and go for it, because you have a very good program there and you have a very fine instructor to help you with Steve Stine and all his associates. And I think that you can't go wrong if you're a serious player and you really want to get back into it or even for your past time, uh, like a lot of us do, uh, you can't go wrong, you're gonna learn how to do everything proper from the ground up and hopefully not develop bad habits either. So I would say go for it if you, if you're seriously about wanting to learn to play the guitar and play it correctly and be a proficient player, definitely sign up for these courses. Thank you.

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