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February 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: David Paghi

Please tell us about your guitar journey before you discovered Steve Stine and GuitarZoom.

David Paghi: Good evening steve stein and guitar zoom. My name is David Peggy. I'm coming from Akron Ohio, I'm 48 years old. And the question is to please tell you about your guitar journey before you discovered the steve stein and guitar zoom. Well, I started to play when I was around 16 or 17 years old to impress the ladies and I really took to it, I've always wanted to play guitar. Always wanted to sound like Jimi, Hendrix Stevie Ray Vaughan. Um Just just to name a couple. There's so many out there and I know that I would never probably be as good as those guys. Um And I know practice makes perfect. So I played them into my mid twenties and then around 25 or 26 life called and I had to set it down, So give it a couple of years, around 32-35, I started playing again and I was dating a girl who was more not really interested in what I could play her, and it was like, so you can play a couple songs and guitar ones dinner. So it was a bit discouraging. So I set it down um when I turned 45 on my birthday, I decided that I wanted to play again and I went out a couple of guitars and I started to play what I used to remember and being, is that that back then in 16, 17, my twenties, um there was guitar online, but nothing like it has now. It seems like there's just so much content, it can be overwhelming, but being in the access with the internet and Youtube, I was able to just browse much content um to try to improve or to try to constantly improve myself. And it did, it worked out well. So a couple of weeks ago I decided I'm like, okay, well let's see if I should do some lessons. And I started looking at Guitar Center, pricing them out and looking for anybody around here in Akron that may give lessons and there was not a lot and it seems like everybody was going to Guitar Center, but I started to look at their prices and I thought, well this wouldn't be a problem in paying what they ask, but will the person that I would be learning from actually care if I learned whatever they're teaching. So I do want to take that risk. So I started going through more information on the internet and it kept coming to guitar Zoom and steve Stein and I have brows much of your content, the free content that's on Youtube and it just, it just clicked for me. Um it was a big wow factor, steve Stein, um you are just a gifted musician and I may not be as good as you or some of the people that go through your website, but again, practice makes perfect and I like that I'll be able to learn at my own pace and I plan it even to start at the beginning stages on your website, in your content. Um to give me to give me the basis and the groundwork because I've always thought that you have to crawl before you walk. Um I can play right now. I have maybe 8 to 12 songs that I can play in an acoustic, a bunch of riffs, some songs on the electric, but I need structure and I believe that I'm too loose on my court changes and my progression and you know, playing for example, every rose has a story. You can constantly play that song over and over and over again and you're not practicing, okay, you're practicing that song, but you're not practicing. Um and that's what I'm looking for. I'm looking for someone who can guide me in practicing guitar, not just practicing learning songs because that will all come with it in due time. And that's what I'm hoping to get out of your content. And I'm really looking forward to start. Um it's probably gonna be a weekend thing or what I can maybe squeeze on the weekend, but I will start at the beginning, then I'll go to the acoustic and then I'll just go through it all. And the good thing is is that I can track my progress and keep going from there. So I just want to say steve stein, thank you for all that. You do. Thank you for creating guitar zoom and thank you for the creators that help steve Son and to make this happen for me. Um, again, my name is David pagan from Akron Ohio, and I look forward to all of the content that you provide to help me improve my guitar playing. Thank you again.

How would you describe the results you’ve seen in your personal playing and learning of the guitar?

David Paghi: Hello, steve stein and guitar zoom. The second question is, how would you describe the results you've seen in your personal playing and learning of guitar um in the last three years that I've been playing without your content and well the paid content if you will. Um, I believe that I have come a long way from what I remember. Even a few of my friends that I've said in my chair on the other side of me while I pick up the acoustic or the electric, um, they are impressed my best friend of almost 30 years and said, you know, you know, Dave you play better now than you did when we were growing up in teenagers in our 12, you've really improved and that is one of the reasons that I chose guitar, zoom in you steve stein because I still need to learn. We never stop learning in life. And again, as I said earlier in my last video, you have to crawl before you walk and I'm looking for the fundamental structures of playing. I want to clean up my sound and um, and do what I wasn't able to do when I was in my twenties because I never took it seriously. But I didn't, it was more or less just to, hey, let me be able to play guitar and impress the ladies. That's how I looked at it when I was in my twenties and what guy doesn't. So in that, in that, in that respect, I am looking forward to going through all of your content on the page content if you will. And I believe that that will give me the foundations. I need to be a better guitarist.

What was something you didn't expect from this Golden Ticket membership that really surprised you?

David Paghi: Hello, Guitar zoom Step three of nine. Question is what was something you didn't expect from this golden ticket membership? That really surprised you and I was completely surprised about when I was able to log in and see how you structured your website, how there was so many different videos um with like beginner and acoustic and soloing. Everything that I just didn't think possible that somebody could actually add to a website and being able to track the stuff that you go through is really awesome. I have yet to plug it in and I have yet to go over it. I had just started my membership not even two days ago. Um and I'm just looking for, you know, like I said, five min, It's 10 minutes at uh, at, at night and just go through it and started the beginner, pick up the guitar and just watch all 10 hours of that just to see if I've missed anything. And again, we never stop learning in life. And I am looking forward to absorbing so much information and compartmentalizing it in my brain so I can use it on my journey. And that's what made me so surprised

If you could go back, what would you say to yourself just before signing up for the GuitarZoom Golden Ticket?

David Paghi: Well, Steve Stein and guitar zoom question for if you could go back, what would you say to yourself just before signing up for the guitar Zoom. Golden ticket. Well, I look at it this way. I should have done that immediately when I decided at 45 years old because I'm 48 now. Um when I turned 45 years old, I should have just did it right then and there, but I decided to spend my money on guitars and not lessons and maybe I should have eased up on that and went to lessons first and then started my collection. But other than that, um that would pretty much be the reason I should have done this at four, five years old. Um but I just saw that there was so much free content out there. Why would I have to pay money for lessons? But now at 48 I decided that um I decided on you steve stein a guitar zoom because of your content, your demeanor and the way you talk to others through your um uh through your platform. Um It's not con incentive and that means the most to me. Um That's why I had not went to say guitar center um where I would have one on one individuality with a teacher. Um and again, would they even care that I was learning um and just take my money and have a great day. So um that's what I would say to myself, if I was able to go back, go buy a guitar and go buy the lessons of guitars and

How would you describe the GuitarZoom Golden Ticket to your best friend?

David Paghi: Alright Guitar Zoom Step five of nine. How would you describe the guitar Zoom golden ticket to your best friend. That's a very good question. I've only been a member for about 72 hours and I have browsed the content that is on the website and it is a lot to unpack. I'm hoping in the days and weeks to come, I could turn on and say guy, I shifted to this when I decided when I decided to start playing a couple of years ago when I turned 45 on my birthday. Um you're never too old to learn and I am glad I found this and I believe that I am going to enrich my guitar playing greatly with the content that is offered through the guitar Zoom golden ticket.

Which course has impacted you most and how?

David Paghi: Alright guitar Zoom Step 69. Which course has impacted you the most in how I've only been a member for about 72 hours. But I'm looking forward to unpack the content. Starting with the beginner. You're never too old to learn. And I am looking to learn about the fundamentals that I've maybe forgotten over the last 20 years of playing on and playing off. So, so that is what I am looking forward the most is to start and then we'll go from acoustic and then on to everything else. Core changes, soloing. I'm looking forward to an content to unpack it all. I am excited to start probably this weekend when I have five minutes.

How has your playing and confidence improved?

David Paghi: Alright, Guitar zoom Step seven of nine. How has your playing and confidence approved? Um I'll say it again. I've only been a member for about 72 hours, but um being is that that I'm starting to play again. Um Trying to build up the calluses on my fingers to make it easier for me to strap my cowboy chords on my acoustic and to start playing the songs that I've always liked. I think I've got about an eight song repertoire. Um It's made me feel better knowing that I'm about to unpack massive content to take my plane to the next level.

Describe the problem or challenges you had before joining GuitarZoom?

David Paghi: All right. Step eight of 9 described the problem or challenges you had before joining Guitars. Ooh, when I started playing a couple of years ago, um, I just went to the Internet, Youtube learned to play your guitar and it was, you know, how to learn songs, reminding me of the chords and the court changes. You know, that's practiced enough. You can continually play like, say wish you were here and the strumming will get better. The court changes will get easier, but it's not practicing guitar. It's practicing that song. And I'm hoping that, um, and my confidence is that the golden ticket, The guitar zoom will give me the foundation to be a better guitarist to learn how to better strum, how to better pick. That's what I'm looking for. Playing our songs are one thing, but learning the fundamentals or another. And that's what I'm hoping to get out of guitar zoom and that's why I decided to become a paying member.

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