Darren Pew for Acoustic Guitar by Steve Stine

March 12, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Darren P.

Tell me about your Guitar Journey before starting the Acoustic Guitar Course

Darren P.: Happy. What do I do now I can tell you this. I love the guitar course. I already play guitar. And what it is I want to re go over, I wanted to redo things and learn again and it's been a great help. It's taught me things I thought I knew and it's made me learn them again and it keeps me busy. I enjoy the teacher and I enjoy the class. It's taught me things that I didn't know; I'm ready to move on. What else can I tell you? Except for that, the videos and the training and the teacher, everything is fine. And, it's helped me. I already play guitar. This is my guitar here. It's an Alvarez. I got this about 40 years ago in 1970, I think the dates in it, 78, I got it in 78 and I've been playing for a long time, started in my late teens and, played in the navy. Just my friend and the navy, he had a guitar. He started teaching me some stuff, but just taught mostly. And then I got good enough that I was getting paid to play and had a partner during the days of the folk genre, you know, and the ballad songs and then later on I had people make me learn self taught on keyboards so I could work with a paying band. I was in gigs, got money for it. But then my wife was sick and, had to take care of her and a year ago she died and it left me alone and I needed something to keep me, get me back on track. So I saw my guitar and I picked it back up and figured I might as well learn something, and learn the things I should have learned. And I have been, it's been a great course. It's taught me things I didn't know, taught me how to play better and I'm looking forward to moving on. And I bought a electric guitar and it's a Squire Strat and a little practice AMP. So, I hope this helps. I like Steve. I like his way of teaching and I even looked into Music Theory, I looked into, Electric Riffs and all of them have helped me a lot and I'm just moving along, and eventually I plan on getting a new electric. I want to get something better than this one. I want to get something like a Gibson Les Paul and a really nice AMP, not an AMP to go out playing gigs. I don't expect to be playing gigs, but just for my own enjoyment. And the courses really have taught me things that I didn't know already. I thought, you know, you always think, you know stuff, but I learned a lot of helpful hints and I'm moving along and I just enjoy going through it all. So, it's helpful and it's great. Thank you!

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