Alvaro Ruiz for Your Story is Important!

February 14, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Alvaro Ruiz

Tell us about your Guitar journey before you discovered Steve Stine and GuitarZoom.

Alvaro Ruiz: Hi Steve. I have played guitar since I was a teenager and in the last few years I've joined a couple of bands in Spain And I have learned like 60 songs and I play all the solos and everything by heart. But now I want to to learn in a structured way and that's what I'm doing with your course. Thanks so much.

How would you describe the results you’ve seen in your personal playing and learning of the guitar?

Alvaro Ruiz: The results are good so far. I'm happy and practicing quite a lot since I started, but it's too soon to tell I have to go ahead with the course.

What was something you didn't expect from GuitarZoom that really surprised you?

Alvaro Ruiz: So far, I haven't found anything. I didn't expect. I saw many. I watched sorry, many videos on Youtube from, you, from GuitarZoom what I'm seeing is what I expected more or less.

If you have to compare GuitarZoom to any other alternative, what would you say?

Alvaro Ruiz: I haven't tried any other courses, on the Web. I have followed many tutorials regarding songs that I had to learn for my bands. But I cannot compare with other courses anyway. If I compare it with the way I used to learn guitar when I was a teenager when I was younger, it's an incredible difference, of course.

What would you say to someone who's thinking of signing up for a GuitarZoom Course?

Alvaro Ruiz: I think this course is great. I haven't gone very far yet in the course, but the the beginning is is awesome and I am learning quite a lot. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to to improve. And I think that I am not a beginner. I played for a few decades now and I'm happy that I can learn and give sense to many different things that I learned but didn't connect one with each other.

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