Breakthrough Soloing Testimonial Video 4

February 08, 2024

Video Transcript

Speakers: Marco Vigoya

Marco Vigoya: Hi. Um, my story is that I've been trying to find a good guitar course that could teach me the easiest way and I could progress really fast. And with Steve's courses, they're very easy to understand. They're fun and they're not kind of your typical, boring exercise that you see in other guitar courses that are around. Um, my, uh, goal is to become a lead guitarist for a rock band that I want to create and hopefully get signed and, but before that I've always wanted to learn kind of the language on the fret board and, uh, be able to play and create things on my own that I've always wanted to do. And I feel like he is the best guitar teacher that I could have that could help me get to that path. And I'm completely obsessed with this guitar.

How would you describe the results you’ve seen in your personal playing and learning of the guitar?

Marco Vigoya: Um, so far it's drastically improved. I've kind of learned things that I, I thought I, I would, would take me years to learn. But now I feel they're easier to understand. Thanks to his way of teaching music theory for the guitar and how he explained, uh, the metronome, which I thought was really cool. And, uh, because I used to have a lot of problems with the metronome starting out, I thought it was a complete pain and then I'm starting to, later on how he would teach how to use a Metrodome. I would be more comfortable playing, uh, in terms of chord changes have, he's helped me tremendously with, uh, being able to chord change and I have sort of big fingers if you know, and he's helped me out different ways to be able to, uh, uh kind of fred a cord or make a chord. So, so far, I think it's been going pretty well.

What was something you didn't expect from GuitarZoom that really surprised you?

Marco Vigoya: Um, the one thing I, I didn't really expect was how easy and kind of simple, some of the courses were, he would pick kind of like these, um, he would take these like, really, really tough things that would be hard to explain, like music theory and kind of make it easy for everybody to understand which I thought was pretty cool. And as well as, uh, things like tapping or how to play in time or play in tempo, how to certain things like that would sort of make it kind of better and a lot easier to understand.

If you have to compare GuitarZoom to any other alternative, what would you say?

Marco Vigoya: How I can compare it. Is that certain things on guitar zoom? He kind of, you know, especially with, like, how to, how, how would you make a chord? He's very loose on what fingers to use or in terms of like scales, you know, I normally stretch, stretch certain fingers for it. You know, when I'm making skills and he is kind of open to be like you can do the way you wanna do what makes you feel comfortable. And I always like that compared to other, uh, websites and other courses that they would teach you. Oh, you have to do it this way also. It's gonna sound terrible. And I just think that's like very old school and I don't like that and he kind of makes it more loose, which I love.

What would you say to someone who's thinking of signing up for a GuitarZoom Course?

Marco Vigoya: I, I would say go for it because I think personally it's probably the best option to learn guitar virtually or even better than some in person lessons. And trust me, I have personal experience. I have a teacher myself and he kind of doesn't teach me the best, the best way like Steve does. And you will, you will learn a lot in such a short time and you'll be able to play whatever you want whenever you want in the temple that you like. And he'll teach you step by step how to do certain things that you would deem are impossible but are really easy. Once you get a handle on the fundamentals.

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