John Donahey for GuitarZoom Academy Reviews

March 18, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: John D.

How did you find out about GuitarZoom Academy

John D.: Hey, this is John. I found out about the GuitarZoom Academy on GuitarZoom through the emails and the video presentation.

Were you skeptical before enrolled in GuitarZoom Academy and why?

John D.: I felt confident in, going ahead and signing up for the GuitarZoom Academy and, felt like it logically was the, the next best step to proceed with my, guitar lessons.

What made you decide to go ahead and enroll in GuitarZoom Academy?

John D.: I've made a commitment ever since I first signed up for GuitarZoom and taken the lessons to, to really just continue to learn and absorb and, every bit of it I can and just, like I said, I think it was the next logical step to go ahead and sign up for the Academy.

How would you describe your call with your guitar coach? What problem did you have that he helped you fix?

John D.: I felt really relaxed. Luca is my mentor in the Academy and I had talked to him before on the monthly scheduled calls and he just is, is really helping me focus and narrow down my skill set, so to speak to continue to progress and maybe pick up my progression just a bit to focus on the things that will help me get there faster.

Who would you recommend GuitarZoom Academy to? Please elaborate.

John D.: I would most definitely recommend the GuitarZoom Academy if you're serious about where you wanna go, if you already have goals in mind and you just need a way to focus and, and have someone kind of keep you, going in the right direction for the right reasons. And anyone out there that just, just really that if this is what you wanna do, you wanna learn and play, then I would say GuitarZoom Academy is the way to go.

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