Motivation_TESLA_DeeDee Reyes_VV

April 15, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: DeeDee R.

DeeDee R.: Hi, my name is DeeDee Reyes and

DeeDee R.: I'm a remanufacturing technician for Tesla going on seven years now. With that position, I also work side by side with different types of engineering, which is process engineering, control engineering, quality engineering and engineering technicians. I hope, I'm hoping with the skills and teaching from this program, I'm able to get a step closer or by glory by God, succeed and get a position in that career path.

DeeDee R.: The program that I applied to was the DEV Ops Engineering. My reasons for that for this specific program is because I am a person who loves to constantly learn new things. especially anything systematically like learning application development, mobile app development, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligent coding and et cetera.

DeeDee R.: I'm a type of person that, I'm a go getter and I want more. And if I can climb up the ladder, I will.

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