Kelly St.Germain for Employee Testimonials

October 24, 2022

Guided HealthCARE career, nursing, RN

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kelly St.Germain, Office Manager

How did you find your way to your current role at Guided HealthCARE?

Kelly St.Germain: Hi, my name is Kelly. I found my way to Guided HealthCARE back in 2012 when I was introduced to the company by a good friend of mine and colleague, Christina Humm. Laura Benn had launched Guided HealthCARE about three years prior, and we were starting to pick up steam and she needed some additional office support. So I was brought in to provide that support over a decade ago.

Could you share a few details about the favorite part of your role and the team at Guided HealthCARE?

Kelly St.Germain: The favorite part of my job by far is the people that I work with. We have an incredible team of talented nurses who are in the field every day, working to make the world a better place. And I am so proud to support them.

What stands out to you about the culture at Guided HealthCARE?

Kelly St.Germain: What I love about the culture at Guided HealthCARE is the willingness of everybody on the team to put the patient first, and everybody works incredibly hard and some days are very long but in the end it's a very rewarding experience. And everybody is very client focused or patient focused, and I love that about our team.

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