Vira Nahorna for Video Job Interviews

January 19, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Vira Nahorna, Social Media Marketing Manager

Can you share why you’re interested in this role and share your relevant experience?

Vira Nahorna: Hi, my name is Vera. I'm social media marketing manager with uh experience around six years. Uh Yeah, there is a lot I think um I have really great opportunity to join you guys and share my experience with trucking companies. Um I started as a freelancer like five years ago and um my last two years I spent in the United States, especially in Illinois. And as I move uh to United States and also have experience to, to join the company and work in the office and see some uh some things that uh open my mind, open my eyes, you know, like to understand what is a trucking company is, doesn't matter how many trucks fleets you have. But um the content strategy, the social media strategy, marketing strategy, there is also important as a, as a drivers in the country. I think. So I'm ready to join and share my experience, my thoughts, ideas, my vision and my skills, especially um in your team. So I'm really happy to join you guys and hopefully you consider my CV and um this video message from me. Thank you so much. Thank you. Hope to talk to you. In reality. Thank you.

What tools or software are you most comfortable using? Are you familiar with Adobe or any camera equipment?

Vira Nahorna: So I'm using usually the Photoshop um also adopt um acrobat, right? Uh for editing some PDF files. Um I have skills and both Microsoft also uh for video creation for editing videos. I use only mobile apps. Uh it's cap card insert. Also I have experience with Light Rome. Uh So I using this, so that's pretty um user friendly and easy to use and easy to, to um editing video.

Can you share an instance where you had to think creatively to overcome a marketing or recruiting challenge?

Vira Nahorna: As a marketing manager in trucking company. Uh So the big part of my job is content creation. And I had idea to make the short video with uh some safety tips for drivers with our safety manager. And when I, I invite her to the meeting room because in the meeting room, I put everything, all the stuff that I need, like the camera, the flashlights. And I told her like, it, it will be about like 2030 minutes of your time. But she said, oh no, I cannot go like out from my desk because all the notification, all my job is here. I cannot do. She's like, um she only won safety manager in the company and that's makes sense. So I opened the laptop uh in front of her in the miss room. So she didn't, she didn't miss anything. So it was ok. But funny in the same time.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Vira Nahorna: So how I can see myself in five years. There is pretty interesting and challenging question. So of course, there is important for me uh to growing as a marketing manager and um got new achi uh to get new achievements and uh new opportunities that asked me to grow professionally. And I see myself very successful in five years, of course, from this year and in five years, it will be totally different. And I'm really, really happy uh to catch the opportunity that helped me to do this. Uh as I see in GTs transportation and keep going, I'm ready to keep going and uh for new challenges. So thank you.

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