Ilona Aukstaite for Video Job Interviews

April 04, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ilona Aukstaite

Can you share why you’re interested in this role and share your relevant experience?

Ilona Aukstaite: Hello guys. Um, my name is Elana. I live in Lockport with my family. I have two beautiful kids. I have a daughter. She's 15 and um, son, almost 10. I currently working as a photographer with doordash and Uber eats. So basically I'm going to the restaurants and taking the pictures and uploading to the website. Um, photography was, uh, has been in my life around seven years last year. I decided that I would like to know everything more, get more professional. And, uh, I finished my one year courses and I got certificate as a professional photographer. Um, so, uh, I'm looking for a work because I would like to be more financially stable. Um, learn something new and get experience in the marketing industry. Uh, before I, I have experience and uh, trucking companies. I work, uh, in billing department. Um, four for four years and that's it. So, um, I'm gonna wait for your answer. Thank you for this opportunity and have a good day.

What tools or software are you most comfortable using? Are you familiar with Adobe or any camera equipment?

Ilona Aukstaite: Yes, I, I have experience working with light from and I have experience with the, the Photoshop a little bit. I know about the illustrator but mostly I'm taking pictures with my camera so I know how to use, uh, video and for video and for pictures. Um, mostly if I'm taking, you know, videos. So I'm taking with my camera with my phone. Yeah.

Can you share an instance where you had to think creatively to overcome a marketing or recruiting challenge?

Ilona Aukstaite: Yeah. So I uh have to understand how to reach my audience through social media and promoting my business through the social media. And I think the very important thing that the get good relationship with clients because if they trusting you, so they gonna bring you more and more clients. And uh I have to stand out from the other business which uh makes me unique and makes my brand unique and, or service. And that's, I think it's work.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Ilona Aukstaite: In five years, I think uh I'm continuously learning and growing in photography or uh and as a creator and because I really like it what I'm doing now. And um I think every single skill, every single knowledge, open doors and two opportunities. So, um I would like to get new experience, meet new people, uh get new knowledge and I think that it's my goals. Thank you.

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