Hatyja Gokiyeva for Video Job Interviews

February 23, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Hatyja Gokiyeva

Can you share why you’re interested in this role and share your relevant experience?

Hatyja Gokiyeva: Hi there, my name is Haija. First of all, thank you for reviewing my resume and for the opportunity to discuss my application. Let me tell you a little bit about myself and about my work experiences. Well, I'm from Turkmenistan and back in my home country, I get used to work as an English teacher for several years and I work, I also worked as a social media manager in one of the most famous home decor store in my home country. But after that, um in 2022 I came to the US to study business and marketing. And while I was studying, I worked as a safety specialist in bus transportation LLC. Uh they taught me a lot, getting registration and permission for new equipment, ordering if the stickers and uh uh adding drivers and permits, uh adding drivers and the equipment to logbook and uh uh setting up some sort of devices on the platform, keeping files, driver, hiring and managing fuel cars and many more other things. Um I really love learn new things. That's why it was a challenging job for me. But when I finished my recent marketing course, uh I started working as a social media manager in Michael Kors Store, but I really wanna grow as a specialist in truck industry, tracking industry. Um And the GTs company is much more bigger uh than the previous company that I worked for. And I was told by a lot of people that GTs is a really good company who all their employees. And uh that's why I really wanna be a part of GTs family.

What tools or software are you most comfortable using? Are you familiar with Adobe or any camera equipment?

Hatyja Gokiyeva: As a social media manager as and as a content creator, I am familiar with software tools such as Camera Adobe, Photoshop and the hood suit. Yeah, Google Google Analytics and also mailchimp and for marketing purposes, I used like Canva and Adobe also uh HU as well. And uh yeah, I am familiar with uh cameras as well. I mean uh I have my own camera uh insta 63 and go pro and I have everything regarding to the camera equipment because I am a content creator. That's why I use them like every day in my life.

Can you share an instance where you had to think creatively to overcome a marketing or recruiting challenge?

Hatyja Gokiyeva: While I was working as a social media manager, we faced a marketing challenge of low brand visibility. Uh I organized social media, a giveaway contest where participants had to share our brands posts and tag their friends uh for a chance to win a prize. And this tactic uh didn't only increase our social media engagement, but also it expand our reach.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hatyja Gokiyeva: As I mentioned about, I really wanna be the specialist in the trucking industry. I really wanna learn everything regarding to the trucking industry. That's why I see myself as a respected specialist in trucking industry with the deep understanding of logistics, supply management and the transportation regulations.

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