Hadicha - Video Job Interviews

February 21, 2024

Video Transcript

Can you share why you’re interested in this role and share your relevant experience?

Hi there, my name is Haija. First of all, thank you for removing my resume and for the opportunity to discuss my application. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. Uh I am from Turkmenistan and I used to work as an English teacher for several years. And I really loved my job because working as a teacher gave me lots of skills such as communication, critical thinking, listening, leadership, and responsibility. But as a creative person, I always had the desire to create engaging content and working with brands. That's why in 2020 I started working as a social media manager in one of the most famous home decor store in my home country. And of course, I really wanted uh be, I really wanted to be proficient in social media platforms because as we know, social media uh has become heartbeat of communication. And uh to deepen my knowledge in social media management, I came to the United States uh to study business and marketing because studying marketing prepares you with the knowledge to maintain brand consistency across all uh marketing channels including social media and of course um understanding social uh understanding uh business and marketing uh opens up opportunities for career advancement. So that's why I'm here and I live with my brother here. And thanks to him, I had the desire to work in a trucking industry because he's a truck driver. And he was telling me a lot about his job. So, while I was studying, I worked as a safety specialist in a bus transportation LLC, they taught me a lot like get registration permission uh for new equipments, ordering if the stickers, adding drivers and equipment to log book, managing fuel cars, um setting up some sort of devices on the platform and ah many others, many other things. Um I love learning new things. Um That's why it was a challenging job for me. But after finishing my business marketing course, I start uh I started working as a social media manager in a Michael Kors store, but I really want to grow as a specialist in trucking industry. And the GTs is much more bigger than the previous company that I worked for. And I was told by a lot of people that GTs is a really good company who values their employees. And that's why I really wanna be a part of GTs family and I wanna learn more skills. And uh yeah, and I have experiences on this fields I mentioned about but I am open to discuss any other positions as well. Um I do not have any experience in dispatching but if there is any chance I'm willing, I am willing to learn dispatching as well. Thank you.

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