Kevin T. - Growth Friday Local SEO Testimonials

October 17, 2023

Learn about Kevin, from Coachella Getaways, experience working with the Local SEO team of Growth Friday.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kevin T., Founder, Coachella Valley Getaways

To start, please briefly introduce yourself, your business, and where you are from.

Kevin T.: Hi, my name is Kevin from Coachella Valley Gateways. We are located in the heart of Palm Springs and Coachella Valley. We primarily work on managing luxury vacation rentals designed to provide an unforgettable getaway experience. Thank you.

Please describe what brought you to Growth Friday; what services or solutions were you looking for?

Kevin T.: So what originally brought me through Growth Friday, well as a proud owner and manager of multiple luxury properties in this iconic destination of Coachella Valley, I wanted to see if there was a platform that I could expand my scope from just the default air BNB or verbal that everybody's heard of. So I wanted to dig outside the box and form out my own website where the search engine optimization was the primary tracks of success in rallying customers and potential clients. And so in my long search of figuring out how to, how to increase my uh view view count. I happily met uh a few wonderful employees at Growth Friday and uh and that's where the story started.

How has your experience been working with us? What are some of the highlights?

Kevin T.: Working with grow growth. Friday has been an exceptional experience. One of the many highlights at Growth Friday was one of the wonderful staffing working with them, introduces me to some of the industry's experts to help strategize ways for a new customer acquisition and improvement in views. Also, working with their tech team allowed me to improve my website's speed, efficiency and user friendliness which allowed users to retain and stay on the website longer. Their team's dedication and clear communication has been in an invaluable component in the success of my website.

Finally, if someone was on the fence about working with us, what would you tell them?

Kevin T.: In today's digital age. Web traffic is the life and blood of our business. It is what allows us to connect with travelers seeking the perfect escape and showcase our exceptional accommodations and destination. Now without the web traffic, I just have a beautiful webpage and nothing more to it. Working with a wonderful team like Growth Friday to improve my SEO and to actually bring consistent traffic to our website has allowed my business to grow outside of a third party platforms such as Air BNB and I can highly recommend to people who are on the fence about this new business opportunity that the investment will be well worth it in the near future and will only be increasing from there. Thank you.

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