Jonathan Gonzalez - Growth Friday Local SEO Testimonial

October 17, 2023

Hear about Jonathan Gonzalez, Founder of Flux Media, experience working with the Local SEO team of Growth Friday.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jonathan Gonzalez, Founder, Flux Media

To start, please briefly introduce yourself, your business, and where you are from.

Jonathan Gonzalez: Hi, my name is Jonathan with Flux Media and we're based out of Orange County, California.

Please describe what brought you to Growth Friday; what services or solutions were you looking for?

Jonathan Gonzalez: Initially, we were drawn to Growth Friday for uh SEO services. Um There were a lot of competitors out there but none of which who really understood uh local seo and those of which who really speak English. Well, to be quite honest with you. And so when we landed on Growth Friday, they hit all the points that we wanted to hear right away. They were local based SEO company, they were local to us. They're not far down the road and they really had the experience that we wanted to see out of somebody out of a business partner that we wanted to work with long term. So, um I'm really excited that we have started working with growth Friday. And yeah, their, their SEO services has, their SEO services have been top notch.

How has your experience been working with us? What are some of the highlights?

Jonathan Gonzalez: So far our experience working with Growth Friday has been nothing short of incredible. These guys hit their benchmarks every single month, every single week even. And they're always providing me with updates having not known too much about Seo before I jumped into this, I really didn't know what to expect. I didn't know the questions to ask. I didn't know what I didn't know essentially. And thankfully, Growth Friday, they take care of everything for me. They're always sending me emails, they're constantly updating me on my campaign. So I really just have to do, you know, sit back and relax and they're handling all the work for me. So it's been nothing shy of incredible.

Finally, if someone was on the fence about working with us, what would you tell them?

Jonathan Gonzalez: If you're on the fence of working with Growth Friday, I would say 100% do it. They are definitely the right fit for you. Not only because of their expertise and ability to hit benchmarks, but they're just really leaders in the industry. They're, they're top notch and we're nine months into our campaign now and we're beginning to, or we've already begun seeing the results that we were looking for and things have been incredible and I can ex, I can't wait to just continue growing with them.

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