Aleksandr K. for Growth Friday Testimonials

October 17, 2023

We love a great client testimonial! Listen to recent Growth Friday client, Aleksandr K. about working with the Growth Friday team.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Aleksandr K., Founder, Heritage Automotive

To start, please briefly introduce yourself, your business, and where you are from.

Aleksandr K.: Hello, my name is Azaan. I own an auto body shop in Van Nuys, California. And I'm originally from Yon Armenia.

Please describe what brought you to Growth Friday; what services or solutions were you looking for?

Aleksandr K.: Looking to expand my presence online with social media as well as search engines. So really looking to grow my base online.

How has your experience been working with us? What are some of the highlights?

Aleksandr K.: I really like about Growth Friday is that they really try to understand your core strategy and your core business to understand how to best market yourself online. Um It's been very smooth working with them. I've also been learning a lot about my own business just from the interactions that I'm having with the team.

Finally, if someone was on the fence about working with us, what would you tell them?

Aleksandr K.: No doubt that working with Growth Friday helped my business and anyone who's on the fence, I would definitely urge them to take a strong look at how their business is performing. And if they are in need of SEO digital marketing and just creating an opportunity for their business to get much more traffic to their business online, then it'd definitely be a no brainer.

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