Mike Montes for Testimonial Videos!

June 19, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mike Montes

Please introduce yourself! What is your name and where are you living?

Mike Montes: My name is Dr Mike Montes and I live in Argyle, Texas.

Has GYGO been able to help you with any challenges that you are facing with growing food?

Mike Montes: So Geico has been able to help me with pretty much everything from start to finish. I've really known uh nothing about how to grow, especially how to grow in Texas. I've tried many times before and just have not been able to be successful at all since working with them. I actually have one side of my backyard in the corner now is completely full with, with food. Um My, my kid for the very first time, um who's, who's, who's sworn off tomatoes would never eat tomatoes has said to me that he likes tomatoes now. So we're working on the second half of the garden following the game plan that guy put together and I, I cannot be more excited about what's going on in the backyard. Not to mention we have now uh integrated chickens into our, our backyard farm.

Would you recommend GYGO to others? If so, why?

Mike Montes: I would absolutely recommend Guy go to anyone. Um Here's really why. Ok, because for me as, as an entrepreneur, as somebody who already works at home, I don't have a lot of time to just go figure it all out. I've tried to do it and every single time I've tried, I've been unsuccessful, I've lost hundreds of dollars in, in the interim trying to figure it out and it just, it didn't work out well. So I was, I'd given up really when I got to work with Geico, they help give me a plan and figure out exactly where things go and why they go there. We've adjusted to fit our family to be able to produce the, the things that we eat. Um It's been phenomenal. We've even add, added chickens in our yard, but that was something that we, we had an opportunity to explore with and then ask questions as to whether or not it was gonna be good for us. So, um I would recommend it for anyone going to youtube or going to even, even books Farmer's Almanac. All those, those are great resources, but they're not gonna be tailor made to what it is that you're looking for. So if you're looking to have a backyard that produces food for you and your family, um, you, you, you found the right place and Geico, they are gonna absolutely walk you through for like with me, I had, I knew nothing and was, and had only bad experiences and they were able to make it simple. I'm not spending a lot of time out in the backyard, but the time I am spending, I'm feeling uh more joy and peace. I got my hands in the dirt. It's been awesome. So as an entrepreneur and somebody who works on uh works online for a living, this has been a great addition to my life, to my day to my schedule. So do yourself a favor and uh give them a call, work with them. They're amazing.

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