Grow and Thrive at Conduent

November 25, 2022

Grow and Thrive at Conduent

Video Transcript

Speakers: Chelsea Collins, Recruiter II, Conduent . Matthew Riggs, Director of Operations, Conduent

How have you grown at Conduent?

Chelsea Collins: I have grown at Conduent because I have really been able to build and develop my skills as a professional, and some of the opportunities that I've been afforded with Conduent, I have not found anywhere else.

Matthew Riggs: How have I grown at Conduent? This is a fun story. So I started as a frontline associate in 2009 working to support a tech company. I trouble shooted their hardware and software for their devices. Considering I didn't have a smart device or even an email at the, at that time it's safe to say I was a little worried about whether I was going to be able to perform well in this job or not. However, I put in the work and learn from many, many mistakes along the way to eventually get asked to become a supervisor. Then continued to try to learn as much as I possibly could while making lots and lots of mistakes in that new role for multiple years until I was offered an operations manager role. Then there was an opportunity to relocate from central Kentucky to Portland Oregon which considering how small my world was at that time felt like the most monumental of changes. And to be fair it was. Over the next decade. I continue to grow professionally mainly by putting an emphasis on growing my skills and knowledge and proactively just being helpful where I could until multiple promotions later, I am now a director and have a career from once what I thought of as only a job. It's easier to pass my professional success, but more importantly, I think my growth because of Conduent personally is more significant. Thinking about moving from central Kentucky to Oregon or Conduent allowed me multiple opportunities to set up sites in Brazil, France, and Japan, spending nearly a month in each of those places. Not even having traveled in an airplane prior literally changed my life.

Stephanie Herring: So I have been with the company now for 10 years. I started as an advisor in the same seat that you are today and I worked my way up through training. I was on the floor for a little bit and then I was a part of the training team as a training assistant, then I became a trainer after that. I moved over into the training manager role and then was offered an opportunity to go out to the production floor and become an operations manager. Although I hated to leave training at the time, it was a great experience. I worked for about 3 to 4 years on the operations side of things as an operations manager and then a senior operations manager and now I'm back over in the training world. So and I tell you that because whenever I started this job I did not see it as a career, I was just trying to pay my bills okay. But it turned into a career. It's given me so much experience, there has been so many opportunities open for me with this company and you know, it's all in what you put into it.

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