Nichelle Grant for Share Your Groundwater Story

June 04, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Nichelle Grant, Head of DEI Siemens USA, Siemens

What does it mean to you to be part of this movement for change? What does it feel like to be part of the Groundwater Network?

Nichelle Grant: I had already submitted a recording. So please use the first one to submit it.

If you could describe the journey you've been on, what are the two emotions that capture how you felt at the beginning and at the end.

Nichelle Grant: Also on this one, I submit a recording and then the window closed. So uh please use the first one, submit it.

Please complete these sentences with your own words: The GWN is… The purpose of GWN is to … What I find most powerful about the GWN is...

Nichelle Grant: The groundwater network is an impactful group of practitioners that are leaving a positive impact on society. The purpose of the groundwater network is to create equitable opportunity. For all the most powerful thing that a groundwater network is doing is connecting history with current day and providing the resources needed to make everlasting change.

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