Eddie Martini x GritShift

May 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Eddie Martini

Why did you buy from GritShift over other companies? Please be specific.

Eddie Martini: How's it going? My name is Eddie Martini. I just wanted to give a shout out to grit shift. They are an incredible company for anyone looking to purchase electric bikes. Surron and Talaria, we've actually bought two Talaria from them in, in the past couple of years. They're excellent at customer service. Very knowledgeable. Not only do they sell the products, but they actually ride them. They race them, they understand, you know what we need as consumers when we're looking to do upgrades or we do some simple repairs. So highly recommend you give them uh the opportunity to support you as well on your E bike journey and Happy Ride out there.

Have you had an issue with our product? How have we resolved the issue? (if you haven't had issues, please say so!)

Eddie Martini: As awesome as these electric dirt bikes are, they are kind of newer to the market and for any of us that are kind of crossing over from gas burners to now, electric dirt bikes, there is gonna be a learning curve and it's really nice having people like grits shift who have your back, they pick up the phone, they respond promptly, they get things handled. There have been a couple of issues with her Talaria but grits shift really made it a seamless, really smooth transaction and getting all of those issues resolved. So highly recommend that you put your trust and faith in them as well to do the same for you and be able to get through any hiccups that may occur uh with the purchase of these electric dirt bikes.

Based on your experience, would you purchase from us again?

Eddie Martini: Absolutely. Based on our experience with purchasing uh two electric dirt bikes from them as well as multiple parts. I would recommend uh you give them a shot as well. We would have to be returning to hopefully get some 72 volt versions here in the near future.

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